[freeside-users] Logging in and out of Freeside and Invoice events

Don Grossman don at willitsonline.com
Wed Jan 24 10:07:48 PST 2007


	This is going to be a really stupid question but one I can not find  
the correct answer for.  ( looking at this from the accountant point  
of view not a sysadmin) Logging out of Freeside so that we can change  
the user.  I can log in as my admin account but if I want someone  
else to be able to use the same webbrowser but log in as their  
limited user account where is the logout button.  One work around is  
to close the web browser of choice and relaunch but it would seem  
that it would be easier to just logout then log back in.

	The second part involves invoice events.  There is an invoice event  
to run daily that will add a late fee after 27 days.  This work  
correctly except for the fact that it continues to add another late  
fee every 7 days.

	The other invoice event issue I am having is creating a reminder  
event.   We still have many customers that wish to receive a paper  
version of their bill.  What I would like would be to send the  
original invoice via  email/print but then also send only an email  
reminder 2-3 days before due date, on the due date, after the due  
date, etc.  The options on the invoice events are to Send invoice  
(email/print/fax)  I really don't want to send 4-5 paper reminders.

I believe we are running 1.7.1 of freeside.


Don Grossman

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