[freeside-users] Asking the version number

PD paul at ranahminang.net
Sat Jan 20 01:12:16 PST 2007

Hi all,

I just new to freeside as pointed by some friends.

When visit the freeside at http://www.sisd.com/freeside/, there is
something that confuse me, they are :
+ the online demo is version 1.7.1 and the documentation also 1.7
+ the file that available to download is version 1.5.8

While at documentation 1.7
said that  "these are the 1.7 installation instructions. Do not attempt
to use them to install 1.5/1.6, or edit them to correct differences with
those releases."

Questions :
+ what is the last version that available to download ?
+ as the file available to download is 1.5.8, where is the documentation
/ wiki for 1.5 ?



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