[freeside-users] Creating services/packages

Charles Sprickman spork at bway.net
Mon Feb 12 17:06:19 PST 2007


I'm no billing guru, nor am I an accountant, and I'm guessing that's part 
of my problem.

I've got 1.7.4+RT installed and running under Apache2/mod_perl2 and that 
was enough to get me fairly excited.

I've been reading both the 1.7.x wiki entry and the old docs/admin.html on 
setting up initial services and packages, but I'm just not understanding 
it.  I'd like to just post an example here and see if anyone can help make 
this "click" for me.  A quick description of what we sell:

DSL: this will not be automated for a very long time as I'd have 
to tie Freeside into Covad's XLink system and that looks very involved.

Web Hosting: Domain Hosting, Domain email account(s), Web Hosting.

Email: Generally bundled with one of the above, but also sold seperately. 
Most accounts are under one domain (eg: customer at foo.com), some are domain 

I'd like to start simple.  I'd like to create a bunch of services for our 
main domain, "foo.com".  In this case, email accounts that come with 
varying amounts of storage.  What I gleaned from the docs is that I need 
to create a service of type "svc_domain".  In the first field in the "new 
service" form ("Service"), should I put a description?  The domain 

For "table", I should select "svc_domain".

In the last part of the form, I'm not sure at all what goes there.  The 
lines are as follows:

Domain - (No default/default/fixed?) - foo.com(?)

Without context, the options above don't really mean much to me.

The rest do not look applicable, since this is an existing domain that we 
"sell" to most of our customers.

Once that is sorted out, and I wish to create a simple mailbox account, 
will that be a standalone service, or will it be a package that includes 
the domain?  If the latter, how do I make sure the customer is not charged 
for the domain?

I'm very lost.  If I could get the first few services/packages created, 
perhaps things will make sense.

Any brave souls willing to lend a hand?



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