[freeside-users] Moving data from one server to another?

Sales at MichianaWireless.Com Sales at MichianaWireless.Com
Mon Oct 30 23:40:54 PST 2006

Well this example worked fine. Seems like all my data is intact.
Configuration was not imported. 

Why testing things out I tried to issue a bill now on my test account and it
breaks with the following:

Error processing your request
Your request could not be processed because of the following error: 
fatal: can't find tax rate for state/county/country/taxclass IN//US/

When I go and look at view/edit locales and tax rates it opens as:

Click on expand country to specify a country's tax rates by state. 
Click on expand state to specify a state's tax rates by county. 

Country State County Taxclass
(per-package classification) Tax name
(printed on invoices) Tax Exemption

Nothing is listed. I do have Locale::SubCountry installed. Any ideas?


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> Sales at MichianaWireless.Com wrote:
> > I have a current working installation of freeside on an older server
> where
> > the raid drives are now getting errors and are messed up. The server has
> to
> > be started in rescue mode. So I am setting up a new freeside
> installation on
> > a new computer and I would like to know how do you get the DATA from the
> > 'other' freeside install to the 'new' freeside install?
> >
> It's something like this.  Prior to going live with Freeside we did a
> backup/restore test and this is a lightly edited version of the notes
> from the test.
> How to restore a Freeside installation:
> For PostgreSQL, it's:
> 1/ Install the Freeside RPMs or install from the tarball, etc.  (You
> don't do the whole "new install" procedure as you want to restore a
> database dump instead of creating a new, empty database.)
> 2/ Restore the configuration files.  They
> were in /usr/local/etc/freeside/conf*
> 3/ Create the freeside database user:
> 	su postgres -c 'createuser -P -A -d freeside'
> 4/ Create an empty freeside database:
> 	su freeside -c 'createdb freeside'
> (Note: at this point you can use createdb --template=template0 to ensure
> an empty database
> or createdb --template=template1 to create a database with your local
> enhancements.)
> 5/ Assuming your database dump* is in
> /usr/local/etc/freeside/freeside.sql, load that into the database using:
> 	su postgres -c 'psql freeside <
> 'usr/local/etc/freeside/freeside.sql'
> (Note: you must perform this as the postgres user as the dump contains
> commands only the database superuser can perform.)
> (Note: if you're restoring an outsource database instead of the main
> freeside database, replace the database name, freeside in the example
> above, with the outsource database name.)
> 6/ Restore any authentication database you use if not using basic HTTP
> authentication.  (Files for this are usually located under
> /usr/local/etc/freeside, so they will have been restored under step 2
> above.)
> 7/ I think you need to run dbdef-create at this point.  (The notes
> indicate you do, but we didn't discover this straight off.)
> *freeside-daily will produce a database dump if you have set up the
> configuration to enable the dump.
> This assumes all the versions of software are the same on the old and
> new machines.  If you upgrade anything, you may have to make some
> alterations to the database schema or the dump file.  You're probably
> better off installing the same version as on the old machine and then
> doing an upgrade.
> Obviously, you should go into the new installation and spot check to
> make sure that the contents agree with the old installation.
> Regards,
> 	Richard.
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