[freeside-users] error while adding an export

Eric Loos eric at infohigh.net
Mon Oct 16 09:37:17 PDT 2006

Thanks Jeremy for the tip... I did start with a clean database and made
sure dbdef-create ran without errors and that seemed to have solved the


Jeremy Davis wrote:
> Eric wrote:
>> Ivan,
>> I have hit the same bug when trying to add the radius server export:
>> Error: can't parse part_export.exportnum default value for sequence name:
>> I've tried this on an older database that was changed, but also in a
>> brand new installation, including running the dbdef-create against
>> postgres 8.1.4. I am running FreeSide v1.5.8
> I have noticed when you do a pg_dump for a restore on another DB with a
> different version it can corrupt the sequence for certain tables.  For
> me it seems like its always coming up during invoice creation.  What you
> need to do is go into the database, drop the sequence and add it in
> manually.  You can copy it from your pg_dump dump.  This is what got me
> through something similar, just on a different table.
> Sincerely,
> Jeremy Davis
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