[freeside-users] error while adding an export

Eric eric at infohigh.net
Thu Oct 12 12:09:12 PDT 2006


I have hit the same bug when trying to add the radius server export:

Error: can't parse part_export.exportnum default value for sequence name:

I've tried this on an older database that was changed, but also in a 
brand new installation, including running the dbdef-create against 
postgres 8.1.4. I am running FreeSide v1.5.8

If you need more information, please let me know, I am a bit stumped by 
this one...


On Mon, Aug 14, 2006 at 10:05:21AM -0400, Chris Mazuc wrote:
 > I'm using a CVS snapshot from 08/01/06, HTML::Mason version 1.33, Debian
 > 3.1, perl 5.8.8, Postgresql 8.1.4, DBI 1.51, and DBd::Pg 1.49.
 > Whenever I attempt to add an export (shellcommands_withdomain) I get
 > this error:
 > Error: can't parse part_export.exportnum default value for sequence name:

Did you upgrade an existing database to Pg 8.1?

Does bin/dbdef-create help?


 > I'm sure that means something to someone more familiar with freeside
 > than myself, but that is incomprehensible to me at this time. If you
 > need any more information to help me I would be more than happy to get
 > that to you.
 > The only other error I could find was in the apache error log, but I'm
 > not sure if it has anything to do with the error I received above.
 > [Thu Aug 10 14:32:53 2006] [error] [client]
 > mod_mime_magic: invalid type 0 in mconvert().
 > FS::CGI::menubar deprecated; include /elements/menubar.html instead at
 > /var/www/freeside/edit/part_export.cgi line 107
 > When attempting to add the export, the query generated is as follows:

 > 3A%20
 > Is freeside supposed to be setting exportnum? I've tried looking at
 > part_export.cgi, but I'm a relative beginner in perl and what's going on
 > in there is greek to me.
 > Thank you for your time,
 > Chris Mazuc
 > Systems Administrator
 > DataGroup Technologies

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