[freeside-users] Re: Q2: agents, otaker, and customers

John (yt) Hogenmiller ytjohn at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 11:47:59 PDT 2006

I've noticed that agents can not make payments.  They can sign up a
customer and make a payment during signup.  They can see the
customer's balance, they can order an additional package (which
increases the customer's balance) but they can't place a payment.

I looked into the agent.cgi and selfservice.cgi to see what it would
take to add payment making abilities to an agent.  It looks like
adding the action "make_payment" and the sub make_payment to the
source should get me started, but I don't know enough yet to do it
correctly.  Has this been done before?

Secondly, I've noticed that you really can't track where a payment
came from.  The schema for cust_pay does not reference either agentnum
or otaker.  If a customer belongs to an agent, all payments for that
customer are assumed to belong to that agent.  For example, I took a
customer that I had made 3 payments on, assigned that customer to a
different agent, and all three payments showed up under the new
agent's report.  This is mostly important for cash payments.   If one
freeside user accepts a cash payment for a customer, I have no way of
going in and saying "jimsmith" has received $50 in cash and needs to
turn it in.  For that matter, "jimsmith" can't even run a report to
find out how much he took in that day.   Any pointers on gathering
this information would be appreciated.

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