[freeside-users] Q2: agents, otaker, and customers

John (yt) Hogenmiller ytjohn at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 09:40:13 PDT 2006

This is my second question about implementing Freeside.

Essentially, with our current billing system, we have "resellers"
which appear to be very close to Freeside agents.  I'm not sure which
is more appropriate, otakers or agents to match our resellers.

Essentially, we give each reseller a login and they can signup
customers, make payments on customers, etc.  For each customer they
signup, they get a recurring commission as long as that customer
remains active.

My first thought in replicating this functionality if freeside was to
create each reseller as an agent, and it works fairly well.  However,
I quickly noticed that agents can not see customers that are not
assigned to them.  This means that an existing customer can not go to
that agent's location and make a payment there.  Our resellers/agents
need to be able to search all of the customers in the freeside
database and make payments on them.

>From everything I've seen, setting up agents as resellers is the path
I want to take, but I could be wrong on this.  However, our resellers
need to be able to accept payments on any of our customers.  We only
provide commissions on the accounts assigned to the reseller (ie, the
ones that they have signed up), but our resellers can accept payment
from any customer, no matter who signed them up.  Can someone point me
in the right direction to allow this?

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