[freeside-users] problem with viewing outstandig invoices

Gerard J. Cerchio gjpc at OB1Net.net
Thu Sep 29 12:38:24 PDT 2005

Hi Ivan,

The invoice is at the bottom of the table with all the bogus entries 
that .tex files cannot be found..

There are other non-fatal flaws in my installation. One being all the 
HTTP errors that I previously reported.

I think I shall patiently wait for next release and update.

BTW any time frame when search the archive comes back?

Thanks for a great package,


ivan wrote:

>On Mon, Sep 12, 2005 at 07:58:53AM -0700, Gerard J. Cerchio wrote:
>>Here is more information on this problem. 
>>I added a test user and setup an open invoice on one of my packages.
>>The result is that the open invoice table now shows correctly, two open 
>>invoices in the system.
>>The problem appears to be a code problem when only one open invoice is 
>>in the report.
>I cannot reproduce this problem.  Viewing an invoice report with a 
>single invoice redirects to the invoice.  You may wish to look into the 
>problem you are experiencing further and see if you're getting the 
>redirect returned to your browser, etc.

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