[freeside-users] Having problems after install

Bowen, Peter pbowen at corp.untd.com
Mon Sep 12 07:54:07 PDT 2005

For the record, My suggestion was a QUICK-FIX - the install generally
works correctly, and you probably missed a step (The docs are still
getting better).  I know that there was a ton of work going on recently
with RT, but if you had to change more than just the one directive there
is another problem.  This may get you running, but eventually you'll
have to track down the other problem and fix it. I suspect that until
you get the build right, you'll keep hitting other problems. 


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Closer to success. I had to edit the Makefile and take out all
%%%VARIABLE%%% references and replace them with ${VARIABLE} and the make
and install commands that would break now installed completely without
Also I had to edit the handler.pl and change the %%%VARIABLE%%% to the
actually data to get this far. From this point on I am able to login and
setup the config, add users, bill users, etc... So far everything I have
tested works just fine except, the add service definition hangs. After
you try to add it, the little window pops up and says server processing
job, then % progress of job #10. Never gets anywhere. I look in the
Freeside admin section and check 'view pending job queue' and they all
are in there, with the latest being shown as follows:

10 FS::part_svc::process _JOB
YWxs  Sat Sep 10 04:19:07 2005 new

Why is this part not working?


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