[freeside-users] Invoicing

sales at michianawireless.com sales at michianawireless.com
Thu Sep 22 01:09:33 PDT 2005

Should be a way to just say I want to invoice X amount of days prior to the
anniversary date.

Also when freeside daily is run for some reason it sends the same invoice
out to the users every day until it is paid. How do you get it to send it
only once, people get peeved getting an invoice every day.


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> The way we invoice in advance is to run the billing script,
> freeside-daily, with the -d switch.  From what I understand,
> normally the script uses todays date but with the -d DATE. You can force
> it to bill as if it were another date (DATE).
> We run it on the fifteenth of this month for invoices next month.
> on 9/15/05 run..  freeside-daily -d 10/1/05 myfreesideuser
> The customer gets an invoice on 9/15/05 that is dated 10/1/05.
> On my setup the script has to be run by the freeside user...
> sales at michianawireless.com wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >Well moving along. I was wondering how do you set freeside to invoice in
> >advance? For instance if the account was started on 9/1/2005 and is
> billed
> >every month. Instead of having the invoice sent out on the anniversary
> date
> >of 10/1/2005 can it be setup to be invoiced xx amount of days before the
> >anniversary date?

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