[freeside-users] Enabling Echecking

Kyle Leissner kyle at ziox.net
Thu Oct 20 15:53:00 PDT 2005


So I use authorize.net for my credit card processing using freeside, and now 
I have signed up with echeck service using them. So in the freeside gui, I 
edit the configuration script putting:


In the business-onlinepayment-ach field, which is exactly just how I put it 
in the business-onlinepayment (which is the cc card field I think)? Because 
my authorize.net account is the same for both echeck and cc cards, this 
should work I think. So then I enable CARD and CHEK on the signup form. The 
cc card processing works like always but the echecking does not, I get a 
processing error. But when I then log into freeside, click on the account 
that I just tried to create using echeck and the signup form, and the press 
the process Process electronic check (ACH) payment  , the transaction then 

Can someone please explain this to me? Do I need to setup something else? 
Does just the business-onlinepayment need to be filled out, and not the 
business-onlinepayment-ach field? What is the difference between CARD, DCRD, 

Thank you,
Kyle Leissner 

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