[freeside-users] Removing Access Number Support

Kyle Leissner kyle at ziox.net
Wed Oct 12 16:14:17 PDT 2005


We are using version Freeside v1.5.7. We have successfully imported 5000 
access numbers into freeside, and they all show up. The probelm we are 
having is that most users are signing up over dialup, and our signup page 
(https://www.dialup.cc/signup.php) takes an extremely long time to load 
becasue it is downloading the signup script, plus the 5000 access numbers on 
the script.

We have made our own access number search script on a serparte page ( 
https://www.dialup.cc/access.php), so we not longer would like to have the 
freeside access number script that is on the bottom of the signup page. I 
know we can delete all the 5000 access numbers in freeside, but the access 
number fields remain on the form. We have also tried to simply cut out the 
access number code on the signup page, and it does remove the boxes, but 
then however when you press signup the page comes back with an error saying 
select a access number.

Please help me disable the use of POPs in freeside.

Thank you,
Kyle Leissner 

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