[freeside] Incorrect Customer Balances

Peter Kolbe peter at venturenet.co.za
Thu May 26 22:36:07 PDT 2005

That is similar to my problem I had yesterday.

I deleted entries manually from the cust_pay table in the db, but I did not 
delete the corresponding entries from the cust_bill_pay !

My symptoms were:
Open invoices did not show open,
when I went to the invoice, I got an error
When I viewed the customer, it showed open balances.

Hope that helps

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> In Freeside 1.5Pre6, we have some customer accounts that are showing  very 
> strange balances. In the billing history, the latest invoice  shows as 
> Open with a balance equal to 2 months of service. When the  invoice is 
> viewed, however, it shows a $0 balance. The total balance  in the billing 
> history shows about 2 months worth of service  outstanding, but if you go 
> to the Post Credit or Post Payment screen,  it again shows $0 balance. 
> I've verified the charges and credits to  the account and the account 
> should show a $0 balance. Why is the  total of the Balance column and the 
> status of the last invoice not  showing correctly?

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