[freeside] Freeside-RT WebUI errors

ivan ivan at 420.am
Tue May 17 03:18:50 PDT 2005

On Sun, May 15, 2005 at 04:53:06PM -0400, Richard Siddall wrote:
> Well, since everyone's talking about RT integration, what's the status 
> of RT w/Freeside?

Integration with an internal RT instance is working and preliminary
documentation is available in CVS, as Kristian noted.  Integration with
an external RT instance is working but not as well (well, not at all,
actually) documented.

> Kristian makes it sound like it works fine, but I see 
> that there's still at least one related bug open in the tracker,

The public bug tracking system is six months out of date.  I took a 
snapshot and imported it into my integrated RT which I've been using 
since then.


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