[freeside] Freeside-RT integration issues (Fixed)

Shivkumar shivkumar at outbackwifi.com
Fri May 13 05:01:18 PDT 2005

Ive managed to get it working now.
Vlad's hint helped; i had to modify the user attributes of the freeside 
user to enable him to create new users. Also,
hidden somewhere in the error report was a small "sh: psql not found" ( 
the same old path prob).
I modified the $PATH to include the path to the psql binary and now
#make create-rt works fine! and I am able to access the web-ui of RT 
through the Freeside main menu
Now to set up mailgate etc.....
Thanks a lot for all the help people!



Vlad Sedov said the following:

>while I was doing that (yesterday), I temporarily changed pg_hba.conf with
>local  all      all             trust
>to avoid silly postgres permission issues. Then, I made sure that user
>freeside has CREATE USER and CREATE DATABASE permissions.
>then it went OK.
>BTW, DBD-Pg 1.41, freeside 1.5.0pre6-cvs.
>On 5/12/05, Shivkumar <shivkumar at outbackwifi.com> wrote:
>>like they say it gets "curiouser and curiouser!"
>>i downloaded a tar ball of the latest rt (3.4.1), untarred it and did
>>#./configure --with-db-type=Pg
>>#make testdeps
>>make fixdeps
>>#make install
>>#make initialize-database
>>the whole thing worked like a charm. no more "Strange things are afoot
>>at the circle K" errors
>>btw the DBD was DBD-Pg-1.41_1! (there goes the advise in the wiki)
>>however i have run into other problems with gettting the whole thing to
>>work independently
>>like no login fields on the index page!
>>ill try to sort these out and then try to copy all the non-freeside
>>specific files into the freeside tree and try make create-rt again.
>>Shivkumar said the following:
>>>Ive installed Freeside v1.5.0pre6 CVS dated 21 April 05 on a Solaris 8
>>>sun-sparc machine.
>>>I am now trying to integrate the RT (request tracker) module.
>>>as per the instructions given,
>>>I edit top-level Makefile and enable RT
>>>Install all the required perl modules thro CPAN
>>>Created the group rt
>>>#make configure-rt
>>>no errors
>>>#make create-rt
>>>dies with this error
>>>rt/sbin/rt-setup-database --action insert_initial \
>>>&& rt/sbin/rt-setup-database --action insert --datafile
>>>/opt/rt3/etc/initialdata \
>>>|| true
>>>Checking for existing system user...not found.  This appears to be a
>>>new installation.
>>>Creating system user...[Wed May 11 03:37:45 2005] [crit]: Couldn't
>>>create a Principal on new user create. Strange things are afoot at the
>>>circle K (/opt/rt3/lib/RT/User_Overlay.pm:479)
>>>Could not create user
>>>I have looked at the RT wiki at bestpratical.
>>>there is a mention of this error occuring with DBD-Pg- > 1.40
>>>They recommend installing DBD-Pg-1.32
>>>Just for kicks, I installed DBD-Pg-1.32 from source (I already have
>>>and again ran make create-rt.
>>>I still am getting the same error.
>>>So what gives?

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