[freeside] Unzipping FreeSide 1.4.1

Eric Smoker smoker at sciotowireless.net
Thu Jan 22 16:04:49 PST 2004


The rest of this mailing list will ignore this post but since I've had a 
good day and a couple of beers I'll respond.

If you're trying to "unzip" a gzip'ed file you're out of your league. 
Freeside is a *nix app that takes a good amount of knowledge of the 
environment before you even get started.

It's a great app but do yourself a favor and pay sisd to install it for 


Ben W wrote:

>While trying to unzip FreeSide 1.4.1, some of the files try to overwrite
>each other.  Apparently, some of the files are named exactly the same in the
>same folders/directories.  Has anyone else noticed this?

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