A simple config change and poof... my whole configuration disappeared! :-(

Evert Meulie evert at witelcom.com
Tue Aug 10 02:15:49 PDT 2004

Hi everyone!

I just installed Freeside 1.4.1 (aspdocs version), and decided to try to
make a small change in the configuration, using
/asp-freeside/config/config.cgi page. When I clicked on 'Apply Changes', all
the defaults/settings in the config went blank!  :-/

I've tried this both with IE & FireFox: same result.

My Apache error_log shows the following:
[FS::Conf] DELETE alerter_template
[FS::Conf] DELETE home
[FS::Conf] DELETE invoice_from
[FS::Conf] DELETE invoice_template
[FS::Conf] DELETE lpr
[FS::Conf] DELETE report_template
[FS::Conf] DELETE maxsearchrecordsperpage
[FS::Conf] DELETE shells
[FS::Conf] DELETE smtpmachine
[FS::Conf] DELETE soadefaultttl
[FS::Conf] DELETE soaexpire
[FS::Conf] DELETE soarefresh
[FS::Conf] DELETE soaretry
[FS::Conf] DELETE agent_defaultpkg
[FS::Conf] DELETE locale
[FS::Conf] DELETE show-msgcat-codes
[FS::Conf] DELETE declinetemplate


Freeside 1.4.1
Gentoo Linux
Apache/1.3.31 (Unix) mod_perl/1.29
Perl 5.8.4
postgres (PostgreSQL) 7.4.3

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