[freeside] virus messages on the list

TSS Support support at tss.net
Wed Aug 4 16:10:56 PDT 2004

> > ivan wrote:
> I am NOT interested.  I will be filtering my own mail with the same
> setup that runs at some of my customer sites: carefully selected
> low-collateral-damage DNSBL lists, ClamAV, and spamassassin.  Thanks.
> -- 
> _ivan

In case you haven't considered it, we've been running Greylisting against a
couple thousand e-mail boxes here along with that exact same config.
Amavisd-new ties it all together. Results have been very good once we built
the initial whitelist for the greylist. The spam filtering boxes are a pair
of 700MHz Pentium IIIs, and before greylisting were running load averages in
the 2-3 range. Now they run around 0.3 or so most days. It's been good,
though the whitelisting startup was a bit of a headache. We don't do any
time-based delaying, just require two delivery attempts to be added to the
whitelist, and it's lowered our spam volume over 80%.

-Keith, TSS

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