[freeside] signup.cgi problems (says 'not running as freeside user')

imp at justneworleans.com imp at justneworleans.com
Wed Apr 14 16:12:27 PDT 2004

Thanks yet again.  That was the problem.  I had ssh connection between the two
machines firewalled, so the signup server on the freeside machine wasn't
getting through to the web server.  All's right now.  

Kind regards,

Quoting ivan <ivan at 420.am>:

> Check and make sure you've run the signup server on the Freeside 
> machine, and that it has sucessfully ssh'ed to the public web server and 
> has run the signup client.  If the signup client isn't running, then 
> /usr/local/freeside/fs_signupd_socket won't be a socket, and you'd get 
> the "Socket operation on non-socket error".

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