[freeside] keep getting blank svc_domain.svcnum

ivan at 420.am ivan at 420.am
Thu Nov 20 17:42:30 PST 2003

On Thu, Nov 20, 2003 at 11:44:24AM -0800, DPH wrote:
> I've just installed freeside-1.4.1 on a Redhat 9 Linux system using 
> Postgress 7.3.3 , mason 1.23, apache 1.3.28...
> When trying to add a Customer I get this error:
> Error: Can't find domsvc  in svc_domain.svcnum

You need to setup a "System Accounts" customer, order a domain package,
and provision your domain.  Then you need to edit the service definition
to use this domain as a Default or Fixed value.  This is documented in

> My svc_domain table is empty. I've defined 5 pachages that only have 
> the domain service (one year, two...). They don't show up under the 
> customer's package selection options.

Provision the customer first, then use the "Order package" link.

> Some of the messages on the mailing list seem to suggest that a new 
> domain service type must be created for each domain, before the 
> customer can be entered, and that domain must be provisioned?


> So if if 
> have 10k virtual host clients I'd need to create a domain service type 
> for each one before I can enter them as a customer? there would then 
> have to be a new package defined that used the new domain service type 
> for each one?


Follow all steps in httemplate/docs/admin.html explicitly.


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