[freeside] keep getting blank svc_domain.svcnum

DPH danny-hembree at dynamical.org
Thu Nov 20 17:25:32 PST 2003

On Nov 20, 2003, at 3:30 PM, Randall Lucas wrote:

> Hmm.  I can't help but think the part where "[you] deviated here a 
> little" may be the problem.
> 1. create a service def type svc_domain.  Call it "DPH internal 
> domain."  Make sure its domainname is "fixed" to "dph.cxm" (you may 
> have to make the slipip fixed at zero as well if you don't have 
> slipips to deal with).

This is the service definition called "nameserver" the exports aren't 
checked - but doesn't seem to make a difference. There's no dial-up 

2: bind_slave to ns2.digitronicweb.com
1: bind to ns1.digitronicweb.com


domain- Domain	Fixed	web.digitronicweb.com

catchall	Off

> 2. create a no-fee package def.  Include (1) DPH internal domain in 
> it.  Call it "DPH domain package"
okay so here's the package "Domain 4 year"  with one service, 
"nameserver" and all fee's set to zero

86 Domain 4 year Domain4 0 flat setup_fee 0 recur_fee 0 nameserver 1

> 3. create your "DPH Internal Customer" customer record.  Order him (1) 
> DPH domain package.

not sure what you mean here. Selecting "new customer" from main menu.
There is no "Domain 4 Year" presented, Just the hosting packages are in 
the drop down menu
If I define a hosting package with "nameserver"  svc_type and a 
svc_acct type called staffplan, I get it in the drop down menu. I can't 
get a package with just a svc_domain type. It must also have something 
with a svc_acct type.

88 | Staff Hosting | free hosting accounts for staff | 0 |  0 | 0 |     
  |          |          | flat         | setup_fee=0 recur_fee=0    |    

> 4. Now there will exist in svc_domain a record for the dph.cxm domain. 
>  You can now create all the svc_accts you want that point to dph.cxm.

just get the error again and no rows in svc_domain. Maybe I should punt 
and erase everything and start over. I hate to punt.

> for your customers with their own domain:
> 5. create a service def type svc_domain.  Call it "someones private 
> domain"  Don't set its domain to anything.
> 6. create a no-fee package def.  Include (1) someones private domain 
> in it.  Call it "a private domain"
> 7. create some test user who is going to sign up to run 
> "my-domain-name-is-so-long.cxm."
> 8. Order him up (1) a private domain package.
> 9. Provision his domain as a new domain and name it 
> "my-domain-name-is-so-long.cxm."
> What doesn't work about that?
> R
> DPH wrote:
>> I get what your saying about class and instance. I'm back on step 3 
>> in the Aministration Documentation. It says " Add a new service 
>> definition with Table svc_domain (and no modifiers) ". Then it says 
>> to create a package with the blank domain service, " Add a new 
>> package definition which includes quantity 1 of the svc_domain 
>> service you created above ". I deviated here a little, I created a 
>> lot of packages and some more services for them. I assigned all the 
>> packages to agents and created a few advertising sources. Then the 
>> next step is create a complimentary customer using one of the 
>> packages. That's what fails on my site and I get the same failure 
>> using the webdemo at sisd.com.
>> Others on the list have offered your suggestion as well, create a 
>> svc_domain with a filled in modifier, use that in the package. If I 
>> just make a package, with 1 service, the domain service I created 
>> with the domain name, it is not offered in the package drop down of 
>> the new customer screen. If I include the service type in a hosting 
>> package and choose that from the drop down, the error message about 
>> the blank domain service number pops up.
>> There's really two questions here, the first is how to get past the 
>> enter a complimentary customer in the Administration documentation. I 
>> can't get it work on my site or the webdemo. The second question is 
>> how would I set up the classes and packages to allow customers to 
>> order virtual web hosting sites. There seems to be no way to set up a 
>> customer to just have a domain and use the nameserver.
>> IOn Nov 20, 2003, at 12:38 PM, Randall Lucas wrote:
>>      OK, this wasn't very clear in the first two paragraphs. What I 
>> mean is:
>>      "I don't know exactly how you would set up separate svc_domains 
>> for each
>>      individual customer. But it may be instructive to give you the 
>> info you would
>>      need to set up a number of svc_accts for accounts in your own 
>> domain, let's
>>      call it: "
>>      ...
>>           dannyswebhost.cxm
>> Then a customer that wanted to purchase a web hosting package would 
>> need a unique domain service type and a unique hosting package 
>> providing an instance of that type before they could be entered into 
>> the database as an account ?
>>           You would need to create a service type of type domain and 
>> fix the domain
>>           name as "dannyswebhost.cxm." Create a package type offering 
>> that service
>>           type. Add a customer that's an internal customer of type 
>> comp, and
>>           "purchase" him an instance of that package type with the 
>> domain.
>>           A lot of confusion amongst folks on this comes from the 
>> difference between
>>           the class (service type) and the instance (service). You 
>> need to have an
>>           instance of a domain service in existence, which must be 
>> owned by your
>>           internal customer, to which your svc_acct types can then 
>> point. And
>>           although it's 50/50 whether having an internal customer own 
>> that service is
>>           particularly elegant or particularly kludgey, there it is.
>> I'm not concerned so much with kludgey or elegant, I just want to 
>> understand how to use the software. Based on this explanation, I 
>> would need to write a layer of software to set up the service type 
>> for the domain, create a unique package using the unique domain 
>> service, then create a customer so it could bill. A customer then 
>> could order a package and be billed for it.
>>           Randall
>>           PS perhaps when you figure this out you could write it up 
>> and put it in the
>> Definitely
>>           wiki.
>>           DPH wrote:
>>                I've just installed freeside-1.4.1 on a Redhat 9 Linux 
>> system using
>>                Postgress 7.3.3 , mason 1.23, apache 1.3.28...
>>                When trying to add a Customer I get this error:
>>                Error: Can't find domsvc in svc_domain.svcnum
>>                I believe I've done everything the Administration page 
>> says. I've
>>                defined srvide types, one of them being a domain. I've 
>> defined packages
>>                that use the domain service type. When I try to add a 
>> customer using
>>                any of the package types (various web hosting 
>> packages) I get the above
>>                error. I've looked through the archive and have seen 
>> much discussion on
>>                the issue but they all seem to say this:
>>                1. define a domain service type with blank modifiers
>>                2. define a package that uses the domain service type
>>                4. define agent types and agents and set them to use 
>> the packages
>>                5. set up an advertising source
>>                6. Add a new Complimentary customer
>>                at this point I get the error
>>                I get the same error on 
>> http://webdemo.sisd.com/cust_main.cgi, no
>>                matter what package I try to assign to the customer, 
>> There are
>>                variations here though, kore mio gives an ASP error 
>> and test50 says
>>                "Error: Can't find domsvc 9 in svc_domain.svcnum". All 
>> the rest give
>>                the error mentioned above.
>>                My svc_domain table is empty. I've defined 5 pachages 
>> that only have
>>                the domain service (one year, two...). They don't show 
>> up under the
>>                customer's package selection options. I see this at 
>> the webdemo site as
>>                well, there is no "Nameserver", for any of the sales 
>> agents, presented
>>                among the new customer's options. I have another 40+ 
>> hosting packages
>>                defined and about 25 services. All the hosting 
>> packages do show up
>>                under the new customer's drop down, but they all give 
>> the above error.
>>                Some of the messages on the mailing list seem to 
>> suggest that a new
>>                domain service type must be created for each domain, 
>> before the
>>                customer can be entered, and that domain must be 
>> provisioned? So if if
>>                have 10k virtual host clients I'd need to create a 
>> domain service type
>>                for each one before I can enter them as a customer? 
>> there would then
>>                have to be a new package defined that used the new 
>> domain service type
>>                for each one? That doesn't seem like the way it should 
>> work I must be
>>                reading this wrong.
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