[freeside] keep getting blank svc_domain.svcnum

Randall Lucas rlucas at tercent.net
Thu Nov 20 15:30:46 PST 2003

Hmm.  I can't help but think the part where "[you] deviated here a little" may be the problem.

1. create a service def type svc_domain.  Call it "DPH internal domain."  Make sure its domainname is "fixed" to "dph.cxm" (you may have to make the slipip fixed at zero as well if you don't have slipips to deal with).
2. create a no-fee package def.  Include (1) DPH internal domain in it.  Call it "DPH domain package"
3. create your "DPH Internal Customer" customer record.  Order him (1) DPH domain package.
4. Now there will exist in svc_domain a record for the dph.cxm domain.  You can now create all the svc_accts you want that point to dph.cxm.

for your customers with their own domain:

5. create a service def type svc_domain.  Call it "someones private domain"  Don't set its domain to anything.
6. create a no-fee package def.  Include (1) someones private domain in it.  Call it "a private domain"
7. create some test user who is going to sign up to run "my-domain-name-is-so-long.cxm."
8. Order him up (1) a private domain package.
9. Provision his domain as a new domain and name it "my-domain-name-is-so-long.cxm."

What doesn't work about that?


DPH wrote:

> I get what your saying about class and instance. I'm back on step 3 in the Aministration Documentation. It says " Add a new service definition with Table svc_domain (and no modifiers) ". Then it says to create a package with the blank domain service, " Add a new package definition which includes quantity 1 of the svc_domain service you created above ". I deviated here a little, I created a lot of packages and some more services for them. I assigned all the packages to agents and created a few advertising sources. Then the next step is create a complimentary customer using one of the packages. That's what fails on my site and I get the same failure using the webdemo at sisd.com.
> Others on the list have offered your suggestion as well, create a svc_domain with a filled in modifier, use that in the package. If I just make a package, with 1 service, the domain service I created with the domain name, it is not offered in the package drop down of the new customer screen. If I include the service type in a hosting package and choose that from the drop down, the error message about the blank domain service number pops up.
> There's really two questions here, the first is how to get past the enter a complimentary customer in the Administration documentation. I can't get it work on my site or the webdemo. The second question is how would I set up the classes and packages to allow customers to order virtual web hosting sites. There seems to be no way to set up a customer to just have a domain and use the nameserver.
> IOn Nov 20, 2003, at 12:38 PM, Randall Lucas wrote:
>      OK, this wasn't very clear in the first two paragraphs. What I mean is:
>      "I don't know exactly how you would set up separate svc_domains for each
>      individual customer. But it may be instructive to give you the info you would
>      need to set up a number of svc_accts for accounts in your own domain, let's
>      call it: "
>      ...
>           dannyswebhost.cxm
> Then a customer that wanted to purchase a web hosting package would need a unique domain service type and a unique hosting package providing an instance of that type before they could be entered into the database as an account ?
>           You would need to create a service type of type domain and fix the domain
>           name as "dannyswebhost.cxm." Create a package type offering that service
>           type. Add a customer that's an internal customer of type comp, and
>           "purchase" him an instance of that package type with the domain.
>           A lot of confusion amongst folks on this comes from the difference between
>           the class (service type) and the instance (service). You need to have an
>           instance of a domain service in existence, which must be owned by your
>           internal customer, to which your svc_acct types can then point. And
>           although it's 50/50 whether having an internal customer own that service is
>           particularly elegant or particularly kludgey, there it is.
> I'm not concerned so much with kludgey or elegant, I just want to understand how to use the software. Based on this explanation, I would need to write a layer of software to set up the service type for the domain, create a unique package using the unique domain service, then create a customer so it could bill. A customer then could order a package and be billed for it.
>           Randall
>           PS perhaps when you figure this out you could write it up and put it in the
> Definitely
>           wiki.
>           DPH wrote:
>                I've just installed freeside-1.4.1 on a Redhat 9 Linux system using
>                Postgress 7.3.3 , mason 1.23, apache 1.3.28...
>                When trying to add a Customer I get this error:
>                Error: Can't find domsvc in svc_domain.svcnum
>                I believe I've done everything the Administration page says. I've
>                defined srvide types, one of them being a domain. I've defined packages
>                that use the domain service type. When I try to add a customer using
>                any of the package types (various web hosting packages) I get the above
>                error. I've looked through the archive and have seen much discussion on
>                the issue but they all seem to say this:
>                1. define a domain service type with blank modifiers
>                2. define a package that uses the domain service type
>                4. define agent types and agents and set them to use the packages
>                5. set up an advertising source
>                6. Add a new Complimentary customer
>                at this point I get the error
>                I get the same error on http://webdemo.sisd.com/cust_main.cgi, no
>                matter what package I try to assign to the customer, There are
>                variations here though, kore mio gives an ASP error and test50 says
>                "Error: Can't find domsvc 9 in svc_domain.svcnum". All the rest give
>                the error mentioned above.
>                My svc_domain table is empty. I've defined 5 pachages that only have
>                the domain service (one year, two...). They don't show up under the
>                customer's package selection options. I see this at the webdemo site as
>                well, there is no "Nameserver", for any of the sales agents, presented
>                among the new customer's options. I have another 40+ hosting packages
>                defined and about 25 services. All the hosting packages do show up
>                under the new customer's drop down, but they all give the above error.
>                Some of the messages on the mailing list seem to suggest that a new
>                domain service type must be created for each domain, before the
>                customer can be entered, and that domain must be provisioned? So if if
>                have 10k virtual host clients I'd need to create a domain service type
>                for each one before I can enter them as a customer? there would then
>                have to be a new package defined that used the new domain service type
>                for each one? That doesn't seem like the way it should work I must be
>                reading this wrong.

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