[freeside] User management with exports - general operation

Andrew Furey andrew at terminus.net.au
Mon Jun 23 00:25:49 PDT 2003

> Make sure you've edited your service definitions and enabled the desired
> exports.  Any problems running exports will display on the "Account
> View" detail page (or "Domain View" etc.) for that specific service and
> also on the "Sysadmin | View Pending Job Queue".

Ah, fixed now. I didn't know about the pending job queue (thinking it 
was done immediately). It looks like they were being added to there, but 
the overall problem was that freeside-queued wasn't running. Duh... I 
must have missed that step in the instructions.

> DBI 0.6.5 is ancient, if you didn't report the version incorrectly.

My bad, I was looking at the wrong thing... looks like it's 1.37.

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