[freeside] Sending and [re]sending statements

Nicholas Moline n.moline at wcwireless.net
Fri Jun 13 13:46:24 PDT 2003

Just open up the invoice in the invoice view (either by searching for the
invoice in question or pulling up the customer and clicking the open
invoice) and there is a "reprint invoice" link there on the page, just click
it and the original invoice is printed again, as for a statement, not

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Subject: [freeside] Sending and [re]sending statements

> Good afternoon Freesiders,
> A great product you've put together here.  I am considering putting it
> into play, but I have two use cases which I am wondering how best to
> fulfill (I can write software manually to fulfill each but would prefer
> to do it the accepted or standard way).
> When I receive the request "I lost invoice X, can I get it re-sent to
> me," what is the accepted way to do so?  It seems to me that if I
> "bill" a user again when no new invoices have been created, a
> non-overdue invoice does not get re-sent to him.  How then shall I
> re-send an invoice?
> Separately, how shall I send a "statement" of all account activity in a
> given month to a user?  It seems to me that I can do this manually, by
> SELECTing:
> - cust_bill items
> - cust_pay items
> - cust_credit items
> - cust_refund items
> and thereby build up my own "statement" to send, but it seems so common
> a task that an accepted method would be built in.  I have looked at the
> docs (and perhaps I am looking in the wrong place?) but they seem
> developer-oriented whereas I have this user / process question.
> I'm using 1.40 for my testing, but have read 1.41 docs.
> Best,
> Randall

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