[freeside] Sending and [re]sending statements

Randall Lucas rlucas at tercent.net
Fri Jun 13 12:47:49 PDT 2003

Good afternoon Freesiders,

A great product you've put together here.  I am considering putting it 
into play, but I have two use cases which I am wondering how best to 
fulfill (I can write software manually to fulfill each but would prefer 
to do it the accepted or standard way).

When I receive the request "I lost invoice X, can I get it re-sent to 
me," what is the accepted way to do so?  It seems to me that if I 
"bill" a user again when no new invoices have been created, a 
non-overdue invoice does not get re-sent to him.  How then shall I 
re-send an invoice?

Separately, how shall I send a "statement" of all account activity in a 
given month to a user?  It seems to me that I can do this manually, by 
- cust_bill items
- cust_pay items
- cust_credit items
- cust_refund items
and thereby build up my own "statement" to send, but it seems so common 
a task that an accepted method would be built in.  I have looked at the 
docs (and perhaps I am looking in the wrong place?) but they seem 
developer-oriented whereas I have this user / process question.

I'm using 1.40 for my testing, but have read 1.41 docs.



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