ieak template woes

Erich Zigler erichz at
Thu Mar 14 15:02:47 PST 2002

I've been working on signup.cgi and I have it working except for the 
templates for autoconfiguring your computer. I am currently working on the 
Internet Explorer portion. When sucessfully signing up it prompts me to 
Open the File or Save the link. 

 I choose to Open this file. I then get a little window that has Internet 
Connection Wizard in the titlebar. It says "Warning you are about to change 
your Internet Settings If you wish to continue click OK, else click Cancel."

 I click on OK It then works for a second and then an error box pops up and 
says "The Internet Connection Wizard could not configure your computer for 
the Internet. You will need to manually set up your own TCP/IP Protocols, 

 For the life of me I cannot figure out how to troubleshoot this. Is there 
somewhere I can look to find out what part of the template it is bombing 
out on? 

 Im testing with Internet Explorer 5.5SP2 and Windows 98.

 Any ideas?

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