[freeside] Quick Charge Error

Rick Eicher II rick at pbol.net
Fri Jul 12 06:28:21 PDT 2002

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> On Thu, Jul 11, 2002 at 08:32:20AM -0500, Rick Eicher II wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I am making some head way on really tracking down my instant charge
> > probl= em.=20 When I try to do a "One time charge" I get this in my
> > browser. "Illegal o= r=20 empty (numeric) pkgpart:"
> >
> > With some , I have discovered that '$self->pkgpart' is null on line
> > o= f=20 file part_pkg.pm.
> A pkgpart should have been generated by the "SUPER::insert" call on
> 129 of part_pkg.pm - see the insert subroutine in Record.pm around
> 474.
> If your installation isn't generating primary keys on inserts, you've
> problems far larger in scope than the "One time charge" feature not
> working.  I can't imagine how that could happen unless you removed the
> primary key in the database and ran dbdef-create.
> --
> _ivan

Thanks so much for confirming my fears. I am still feeling the
repercussions of doing development on our live server, by doing database
changes while trying to develop Texas taxes. I am trying to get the
database structure correct with out harming the data it holds. 

Also I have a change for the current receivables report. It just sorts
the customers by last name and first name. I just reused some of your
sorting code from the searches. Should I summit the patch?

Thanks again,
Rick Eicher II 

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