vpopmail with mysql integration

Rick Eicher II rick at pbol.net
Tue Feb 26 10:31:45 PST 2002

Here is what I got so far on this:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use FS::Record qw(qsearch qsearchs);
use FS::svc_acct;
use FS::svc_domain;
use FS::UID qw(adminsuidsetup datasrc dbh);
use Net::SSH qw(ssh);

adminsuidsetup "rick";
my(@svc_acct) = qsearch('svc_acct', {});

foreach my $key  (@svc_acct) {
   my ($username)=$key->getfield('username');
   my ($password)=$key->getfield('_password');
   my ($dom)=$key->getfield('domsvc');
   my ($domain)=qsearchs('svc_domain',{'svcnum' => "$dom"});
   my $emaildomain = $domain->getfield('domain');
   ssh("root\@$machine", "/home/vpopmail/bin/vadduser
$username\@$emaildomain $password") == 0 or die
"ssh error: $!";

This is just a test script that I will later insert near the bottom of the
svc_acct.export file.

Things that still need to be addressed:
1. not running a million(I wish we were that large) ssh sessions
2. see if the email address already exists before trying to do the insert
3. integrate it into freeside so it is an option on the config page

Any and all comments or jokes about my code is welcomed.

Rick Eicher II

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