SMTP: Connection refused

David B. Hughes dave at
Tue Aug 6 18:40:45 PDT 2002

I'm running version 1.47 of Mail-Tools. Would it
be better to drop down to 1.15 of Mail-Tools?
What version of Mail-Tools has given the best success
for the Sendmail MTA? or would I be better off
with Qmail?


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On Monday 05 August 2002 09:57 pm, you wrote:
> Freeside 1.40 with Apache::ASP
> Apache::ASP 2.37
> Perl 5.6.1
> RedHat 7.2 (latest updated rpms)
> Sendmail 8.11.6-3
> Postgres 7.2.1
> DBD-Pg-1.13
> DBI-1.30
> All required modules we're checked off during install and then
> I went over the entire installation after getting a successful
> launch of the program.
> This is an example of the mail error I'm getting:
> "done: (customer # 5) can't send invoice email to a.winter at via
> server with SMTP: Connection refused"
> 1. Sendmail is configured for relaying localhost, ip of freeside, and
> every system on my local area network.
> 2. Relaying works with no errors from my workstation
> 3. I also added freeside, apache, postgres as trusted users
> 4. Freeside and Postgres are both running on the same machine as
> Sendmail. 5. Lastly I also tried my production server at my data
> "" and still no luck.
> Any advice would be great appreciated.

I had this same issue. If you are sure that relaying is working (telnet 
into your email server) then you might check what version of MailTools  
you are using? I think I had a problem with like version 1.45 or 1.46. 

Also install all perl modules with CPAN. I never did get freeside to work 
when using perl from redhat RPMs. 

Hope this helps,
Rick Eicher II

> Thanks,
> Dave Hughes

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