SMTP connection refused

David B. Hughes dave at
Mon Aug 5 20:15:37 PDT 2002

Freeside 1.40 with Apache::ASP
Apache::ASP 2.37
Perl 5.6.1
RedHat 7.2 (latest updated rpms)
Sendmail 8.11.6-3
Postgres 7.2.1

All required modules we're checked off during install and then
I went over the entire installation after getting a successful
launch of the program.

This is an example of the mail error I'm getting:
"done: (customer # 5) can't send invoice email to a.winter at via
server with SMTP: Connection refused"

I've set the relay server "smtpmachine" in the configuraton file
for freeside.

1. Sendmail is configured for relaying localhost, ip of freeside, and every
system on my local area network.
2. Relaying works with no errors from my workstation
3. I also added freeside, apache, postgres as trusted users
4. Freeside and Postgres are both running on the same machine as Sendmail.
5. Lastly I also tried my production server at my data "" and
still no luck.

Any advice would be great appreciated.

Dave Hughes

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