[freeside] Icradius and freeside

Vlad Sedov vlad at humbleguys.net
Tue Aug 6 13:18:04 PDT 2002

bad idea, as MAC addresses can be sniffed and then faked.


On Tue, 2002-08-06 at 14:59, Jörgen Haraldsson wrote:
> Hi
> Freeside is a very interesting program but i am missing some functions.
> Maybe it's easy to add but before i begin to wast my time maybe you
> could answer this questions.
> I haven't installed Freeside yet because this is some functions i needs.
> I wounder if there is a easy way to add a extra field in the customer
> data there you can put a mac address of the
> customer to use in the icradius as a user.
> And maybe to make Freeside to put the mac address in a dhcp file for
> approved mac addresses.
> I will use this in wireless lan there every radiocards mac address will
> be authenticated with a radius server.

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