set up problem

Lance Stine lstine at
Thu Nov 29 16:25:09 PST 2001

While trying to start the fs_signup_server I keep getting this error

/freesidetemp/freeside-1.3.1/fs_signup/fs_signup_server user servername 1 1
[fs_signup_server] Connecting to servername...
[fs_signup_server] Sending locales...
[fs_signup_server] Sending package definitions...
no usable package definitions, agent 1 at
/freesidetemp/freeside-1.3.1/fs_signup/fs_signup_server line 65.
[freeside at postgresql1 fs_signup]$ Aborted by user!

There is an agent #1 and this agent is entiled to use package #1
What is could be worng with this setup?

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