[freeside] the press

Shawn Wells swells at toad.net
Fri Nov 16 18:42:38 PST 2001

Hey Ivan,

    Just waiting for his reply =)  You have one hell of a pruduct, I want to
help in any way I possibly can.  Saved my rear when it came to a user
database (Infact, it saved it about $15,000 times)

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Subject: [freeside] the press

> Hi, if you are using Freeside in production (or taking it into production
> soon, but *not* just experimenting) and have a few minutes today to answer
> some questions for a reporter doing an article on Freeside, please email
> "Jeff Goldman" <jeffgoldman at usa.net>.  I appriciate it.  Thanks.
> --
> _ivan

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