Edward Shabotinsky lanshark at
Wed Nov 7 12:05:53 PST 2001

I am having this strange error in queuelog:

[4048] can't open
No such file or directory at
/usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/FS/ line 1745.
[4048] job &FS::cust_main::append_fuzzyfiles(@args); failed at
ued line 92.

i do have this file in 'cache' dir permitions on this dir and this file
rw-rw-r and owned by user 'freeside.wheel'
looked in and looks like this have to be a file.
should i put full path in this module insted of $dir/cust_main.last?

Any body have any idea?
what am I missing here?
Thanks for help.

oh also this same error appear in httpd-error.log about cust_main.last file,
when trying to do search cust. with fuzzy method

FreeBSD 4.4-stable
freeside 1.4.0pre5

Edward Shabotinsky
System Engineer
BritesiteINet Inc.
lanshark at

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