Invoicing issue

Steve Poirier steve at
Fri Jul 20 14:33:31 PDT 2001

Sorry , my last post was in HTML, due to previous test on a ticketing

Here it is in plain text.


I first want to congratulates everyone who developped and still continue to
improve FreeSide.
We run 2 hosting companies, and the older one had serious flaws in it
billing system.
After installing the software, it seemed to fit what we needed. Thanks.

I managed to add multiple-currency support with different symbols because
customer bases are in 3 differents countries and we bill them on their own
and managed to adjust Invoice_template to fit perfectly over pre-printed
design (no need for postscript in this case). All accounts are now imported
we are in the final stages of connecting it to our live payment gateway.

But in accounting, i am far from beeing an expert. Sorry for any dumb
I first though that "Open invoices" were "Pending Invoices" with positive
And though the same thing about 30, 60 and 120 days. (For example: 60 days
open invoices
are unpaid or partially paid invoices aging from than 60 days.) I think i
get it wrong.
Because even 0 balance invoices are still displayed in "Open invoices".

I readed the documentation many times and readed almost all threads but i'm
unsure. Is this "Pending invoices" with different aging? If it is not, is
there any
existing 'add-ons' to FreeSIDE to generate this kind of reports.  Any hints
on how
to query the DB if not, would also be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Steve Poirier
Inet Technologies Inc.

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