[freeside] error deleting services.

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Sat Feb 24 10:38:44 PST 2001

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I am at a loss on this one.  I am now using postgres since freeside
appears to becoming more transactional (hopefully, someone can maintain a
stable version of ICRADIUS using Postgres in the future).  Got everything
compiled with 64 character column name width instead of 32 ( I recompiled
them into RPMs if you want 7.0.3-2).

Everything is running great.  One problem, I'm sure its most likely my
config some how.  

I only setup a dialup account with some radius attribs.  I went into
adding a customer and adding a package with a service.  I now try to
cancel it.  I went to cancel the individual package and got the error

Can't locate object method "setfield" via package "svc_acct_sm" at
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/FS/Record.pm line 316. 

To my current knowledge, svc_acct_sm.pm is only used for domain/email
aliasing.  I didn't setup any domain information in this
package. Actually, I don't have any configs setup for domains at all.

I've tried this on two seperate machines, both Linux 2.2.14, one Mysql and
one Postgresql.

Again, let me know if you need any more information.

Your help is always appreciated.

Adam Rose
Systems Programmer/Jr. Systems/Network Administrator
adamr at eaze.net

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