Problems installing Freeside 1.2.3

Sergio Gonzalez sagonzal at
Fri Feb 2 14:29:11 PST 2001

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Hi. I got a problem with the installation of freeside version 1.2.3. This 
is what I've here.

OS: Linux-Mandrake (Redat Compatible) Kernel 2.2.15
Perl: 5.6.0
Database Engine: MySQL 3.23.23-beta-log
DBD: DBI-1.14
DBI: 1.2215

The problem is I don't know what is the format expected by the FS/ 
module. I already set up the Apache to see the freeside admin pages, I 
already also put the ExecCGI lines in the httpd.conf to make "browse" and 
the other directories contents to be executable. I looked at the new 
installation htmlized doc, but I didn't find when and how do I have to run 
the fs-setup script, and either found when (if true) the make put the 
freeside config files (after running make install, i went to the 
/usr/local/etc but i didn't find any freeside directory, either any the 
files that must be on it, like the mapsecrets!!). Then when I ran the 
fs-setup script I got:

(no user freeside found at mapsecrets file)

When can I find those config files and its sintax?.... or where can I 
download some examples?

Thanks in advance for the help!!!


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