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ivan ivan at 420.am
Fri Aug 3 14:04:22 PDT 2001

On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 02:04:03AM -0700, Jason Spence wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 12:05:47AM -0700, ivan developed
> a new theory of relativity and: 
> > Interesting.  If that's actually something people need to do Freeside's
> > configuration stuff will have to be renamed.  I don't think so, though.
> > Note the following paragraph in the documentation:
> While we're on the subject of the configuration files, I'd like to do
> something about mapsecrets so that it gets generated from a SQL
> table.

Yes.  It could (optionally) be stored in an SQL table if you'd like to
contribute the changes.

>  Consider the following:
> You have 150 people selling service.  Your mapsecrets file has 150
> entries.  You have one agent per person selling your service.

Remember, your situation is unusual in that you consider an Freeside
user/otaker the same as an Agent.  I'd like to see that as an 
option in Freeside, but it isn't.

> Well, because then I'd have to write FS::otakers and a bunch of other
> stuff before I can even get started doing ACLs.  Yes, I said ACLs.  I
> want to keep the random salespeople from suspending random accounts or
> cancelling them.  Will the ACLs be done by otaker, or by agent and
> then mapping the otaker to an agent?

ACLs with be done by both otaker and agent type, whichever makes sense. 
The default will not be to couple agent and otaker, though an option to do
so would be great.  Freeside needs to correctly handle the situation where
you have "resellers" who don't have a one-to-one correspondance with the
people who log into Freeside and enter data.

> By the way, I can't seem to figure out the intent behind the code in
> htdocs (er, httemplate)/edit/cust_main.cgi re figuring out which agent
> to use to generate the list of packages:
>   my @part_pkg = grep { $_->svcpart('svc_acct') && $pkgpart->{ $_->pkgpart } }
>     qsearch( 'part_pkg', {} );
> Where is $_ getting defined?

perldoc -f `grep'

> I can't use the built in agent mechanism to do ACLs for things like
> suspension and cancellation, but I can use it for selecting which
> package types the marketing types are allowed to sign up.  Problem is,
> I can't seem to figure out the rules as to how cust_main.cgi figures
> out which packages to stick in the list of packages available for new
> customers.

Currently, only packages with a single service with table `svc_acct'
appear on the `New Customer' screen.  Other packages may be ordered from
the `Order and cancel packages' link on the main `Customer View' screen. 

Perhaps the `New Customer' UI could be changed like the new `Service Edit'
screen in CVS, to support all available packages, not just those with a
single service with table `svc_acct'.


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