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Jeff Raffo jraffo at
Tue Apr 10 13:06:27 PDT 2001

I am having problems figuring this out....

I want to be able to add a customer with the services: 1 Shell account,
Dialup access and a mailbox and have all those services user the same
username and password.

My question is that as I try and setup a whole package now I add the
username and password for the shell account then move on to the mail
account.  From here do I *ADD* the mailbox or *LINK* the mailbox to the
shell account?  If I link it with the same username as the shell account it
seems to work ok but then if I try to link the dialup access to that
username the "view" option for the shell account goes away as though it was
never added?

I have the same question about adding the dialup access... do I add it or
link it?

Jeff Raffo
jraffo at
The FIX Network, Inc.
Network Operations Engineer
"Worldwide Technology - Hometown Service & Support" (sm)

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