Freeside User's Interface,

William Marcelo Piovezan williamm at
Wed Sep 27 21:04:49 PDT 2000

Dear Freeside users,

I have downloaded Freeside and after some installation's problems it's
working well now. The problem is that there is no package and/or module
to the user manage his account himself. I am starting to build a small
ISP in Brazil and I think that it would not be difficult to customize
Freeside with the Brazilian states and use it as a billing system (I've
seen a similar problem in the mailing archives). My main questions are
if some of you users (or Ivan maybe) have written some perl scripts to
do the following:

1. A Web Form to the user get his account added automatically . The
/etc/raddb/users and /etc/passwd would be updated automatically (these
file are on the same machine Freeside is). I guess the the Add Customer
page with some customization could be the work.
2. A Canceling Account Web Form available to user cancel his account at
any time he wants.
3. A Password Changing Web Form where the user could change your
password by sending your username, old and new password.
4. Additional POP Accounts Creation where the user supply only his main
username/password (probably provided from a PPP Account already created)
and his POP username/password for this specific account.

I know that these question are not Freeside specific but how to
interface it. I think that several users working currently with Freeside
have faced these kind of problems before. My Perl skills are not enough
to write these scripts entirely but if I get something similar, I could
use it as starting point to do the work.

Any non Freeside specific advice can be sent to my e-mail instead of the
mailing list.


William Marcelo Piovezan.

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