RADIUS Question

ivan-freeside at sisd.com ivan-freeside at sisd.com
Tue Sep 26 04:52:47 PDT 2000

I'm using Freeside on the following: Red Hat Linux 6.2 w/ Perl 5.005
						 Postgres as the SQL server.

I have entered additional Radius attributes via fs-setup, and they appear in
the svc_acct table and on the Edit Service Definition Page.  However, if I
enter default or fixed values for the Radius attributes, they do not appear
on the Service Part Listing page, nor are they entered in the table.  Other
service attributes like username and slipip appear fine.

Any ideas???

Also, has anyone fully documented setting up freeside with radius (i.e.
length of field names for attributes, field name caveats, etc.)????

David B. Mendelsohn
Systems Analyst
Atlas Technologies, Inc.
dmendelsohn at atlas-tech.com

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