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Thomas Marshall thomas at xeran.com
Fri Sep 8 07:03:32 PDT 2000

I have this same problem and I am using an address that has been valid for 
over 3 years so for the app to say that it is not valid is incorrect.

Also, I have found that your suggestion of going back would certainly be 
easy enough but that ALWAYS results in this error no matter what I try to 

Any suggestions?

At 10:16 PM 9/7/2000, you wrote:
>This happens when you specify an invoice destination (like an email
>address) that doesn't exist yet.  For example, you're setting up
>narf at yourisp.com.  It checks for narf.  Since it hasn't been created yet,
>it doesn't know what svcnum to put cust_main_invoice.  Hence, you get an
>error.  One way around it is to add the email invoice destination after
>you have created the service.  It's tedious, but it works.
>Ivan, any suggestions?  I know why this is hard to work around.  You can
>do weird things to create the cust_main_invoice entry after
>svc_acct->insert is called, but that's ugly.
><khoff at pc-intouch.com>
>On Thu, 7 Sep 2000, E Bidder wrote:
> > Can anyone give me an idea as to what this is about?
> > It seems to be completely arbitrary as I have tried to
> > set up several new customers and about half the time I
> > get this error while the other half get set up.
> >
> > It also comes up whenever i try to edit any customer.
> >
> > -->>
> >
> > Error: Unknown local account (specified literally)
> >
> > <<--
> >
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Thanks and have a great day!
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