[freeside] errors

Kristian Hoffmann khoff at pc-intouch.com
Thu Sep 7 19:16:15 PDT 2000

This happens when you specify an invoice destination (like an email
address) that doesn't exist yet.  For example, you're setting up
narf at yourisp.com.  It checks for narf.  Since it hasn't been created yet,
it doesn't know what svcnum to put cust_main_invoice.  Hence, you get an
error.  One way around it is to add the email invoice destination after
you have created the service.  It's tedious, but it works.

Ivan, any suggestions?  I know why this is hard to work around.  You can
do weird things to create the cust_main_invoice entry after
svc_acct->insert is called, but that's ugly.

<khoff at pc-intouch.com>

On Thu, 7 Sep 2000, E Bidder wrote:

> Can anyone give me an idea as to what this is about? 
> It seems to be completely arbitrary as I have tried to
> set up several new customers and about half the time I
> get this error while the other half get set up.
> It also comes up whenever i try to edit any customer.
> -->>
> Error: Unknown local account (specified literally)
> <<--
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