[freeside] Suggestions for the TODO list

ivan ivan at 420.am
Tue May 23 12:08:05 PDT 2000

On Tue, May 23, 2000 at 01:56:08PM -0500, Tim Jung wrote:
> I have been going through Freeside and compairing it with some of the other
> ISP Billing packages out there and here is a list of things you guys might
> want to add to the TODO list, and in no particular order.
> Automatic CC Decline Notices via email

> Block Time billing for prepaid internet cards (400 hours or whatever block
> time of hours)

This is supported in the current CVS tree.

> Trouble Ticket System with simple search function for Knowledge Base feature
> Employee Timecards

These would be nice, but probably as related projects; this seems outside
the scope of Freeside right now.

> Credit Card System support for Red Hat's CCVS, and other Linux credit card
> programs

CCVS support has been contracted for by a customer and will be
finished/tested as soon as I get access to a test environment.

> Contact Manager/Lead Tracking
> Pre-Sale Quotes

> Cisco NetFlow Account for IP traffic billing
> VoIP and FoIP billing
> Roaming per minute billing based on Radius Proxy support or number they
> dialed into from Radius logs (800# etc)

None of the metered-billing options require much additional work in
Freeside; what's needed are data collectors to pull the data in and put it
in a database.  In the case of RADIUS, you should use a server that logs
to a database already, like Radiator or ICRADIUS.

> Support for OpenSRS Domain Registration
> Support for TUCOWS signup CDs

What does this entail, besides the normal signup server?  (Which, thanks
to Kristian, now supports both IE and Netscape CCK autoconfiguration!)
> Just a few things the other guys support that would be nice to see Freeside
> support. Most of these features are over my head programming wise, but it
> would be nice to see them added if someone could take them on.


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