Suggestions for the TODO list

Tim Jung tjung at
Tue May 23 11:56:21 PDT 2000

I have been going through Freeside and compairing it with some of the other
ISP Billing packages out there and here is a list of things you guys might
want to add to the TODO list, and in no particular order.

Automatic CC Decline Notices via email
Block Time billing for prepaid internet cards (400 hours or whatever block
time of hours)
Trouble Ticket System with simple search function for Knowledge Base feature
Employee Timecards
Credit Card System support for Red Hat's CCVS, and other Linux credit card
Contact Manager/Lead Tracking
Pre-Sale Quotes
Cisco NetFlow Account for IP traffic billing
VoIP and FoIP billing
Roaming per minute billing based on Radius Proxy support or number they
dialed into from Radius logs (800# etc)
Support for OpenSRS Domain Registration
Support for TUCOWS signup CDs

Just a few things the other guys support that would be nice to see Freeside
support. Most of these features are over my head programming wise, but it
would be nice to see them added if someone could take them on.

Tim Jung
System Admin
Internet Gateway Inc.
tjung at

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