[freeside] Adding New customer

Colin Chan colinc at terrigal.net.au
Thu May 18 21:55:30 PDT 2000

Still no luck, I can reorder the packages manually in mysql by changing the pkgpart
number, this in turn will still list the first 13 packages according to the pkgpart
number and no more than 13 packages in the add new customer menu.
It should however list at least 15, the remaining 4 are domain packages.

I attempted to add a customer without a message, but encounter and error which says
that you must assign a package to the customer.


ivan wrote:

> On Thu, May 18, 2000 at 06:50:01PM +1200, Colin Chan wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > The list of packages shown in the drop down list at the bottom of the add new
> > customer web interface only shows 13 of our 19 packages. Is there a limit on
> > this drop down list?
> No, there isn't a limit on the drop-down.
> Currently this list only shows packages that contain a single service with
> with table `svc_acct' in the service definition.
> > We can however see the other packages in the order/cancel option for existing
> > customers.
> That's correct.
> > But this becomes a problem with new customers as we cannot allocate the
> > unlisted packages to them, and we are restricted to allocate a package to a
> > new customer.
> You can create a new customer without ordering any packages, then use the
> `order/cancel' option.
> hth
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> meow
> _ivan

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