[freeside] dbdef-create for postgres??

ivan ivan at 420.am
Thu May 18 16:18:11 PDT 2000

On Tue, May 16, 2000 at 08:50:13PM +0000, Mark Dzmura wrote:
> Does anybody have a version of dbdef-create hacked for postgres??

Sorry, not yet.

> I have never used mysql and don't know the format of what it returns from its "show"
> statements, so I'm not sure what to get postgres to return...

I need to query the database for:

1) A list of tables
2) For each table, a list of the column names, type/length. and NULL flag.
3) For each table, the primary key and other indices for the table.

> Alternatively, if somebody could send me some output from the mysql
>     "show tables"
>     "show index from ..."
>     "show columns from ..."
> I could probably wing it with this info...

I don't think you want to use the output from someone else's database,
espeically a different database engine.


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