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Mark Dzmura mdz at
Tue May 9 15:02:25 PDT 2000

I have just installed and started to load up freeside-1.2.3.

I have read the docs and searched the on-line mailing list archives.

I can't seem to find a billing script that matches the one described in
the "billing.html" page in the web documentation.

I did a find for "*bill*"  files in the distibution and can't
seem to find anything.

There is a deprectated "" in the FS: libraries, and
a variety of "cust_bill.cgi" and "" files, all
of which seem to deal with billing a single customer.

The misc/bill.cgi script seems to only know how to bill a single customer.

Where is the script for billing everybody??

Mark Dzmura

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