[freeside] Freeside User's Interface,

ivan ivan at 420.am
Thu Dec 14 19:13:46 PST 2000

On Thu, Sep 28, 2000 at 01:07:30AM -0300, William Marcelo Piovezan wrote:
> Dear Freeside users,
> I have downloaded Freeside and after some installation's problems it's
> working well now. The problem is that there is no package and/or module
> to the user manage his account himself. I am starting to build a small
> ISP in Brazil and I think that it would not be difficult to customize
> Freeside with the Brazilian states and use it as a billing system (I've
> seen a similar problem in the mailing archives). My main questions are
> if some of you users (or Ivan maybe) have written some perl scripts to
> do the following:
> 1. A Web Form to the user get his account added automatically . The
> /etc/raddb/users and /etc/passwd would be updated automatically (these
> file are on the same machine Freeside is). I guess the the Add Customer
> page with some customization could be the work.


> 2. A Canceling Account Web Form available to user cancel his account at
> any time he wants.
> 3. A Password Changing Web Form where the user could change your
> password by sending your username, old and new password.

There isn't a web form, but there is a command-line passwd replacement. 
See htdocs/docs/passwd.html.  The session server provides a good model for
doing a web password changer - see the new stuff fs_sesmon/ and

> 4. Additional POP Accounts Creation where the user supply only his main
> username/password (probably provided from a PPP Account already created)
> and his POP username/password for this specific account.
> I know that these question are not Freeside specific but how to
> interface it. I think that several users working currently with Freeside
> have faced these kind of problems before. My Perl skills are not enough
> to write these scripts entirely but if I get something similar, I could
> use it as starting point to do the work.
> Any non Freeside specific advice can be sent to my e-mail instead of the
> mailing list.
> Thanks.
> William Marcelo Piovezan.


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